There are some things you should think about when deciding what to buy like the kitchen size, shape, and color, sink materials, and type of mounting.

Kitchen Sink Size, Shape, and Color
You can choose whether to go with a single-bowl design, double-bowl, or triple bowl design. Large single bowl and double bowl work best for washing large pans. Triple bowl design is convenient for rinsing and disposing of garbage.

Sink Materials
The main types of materials used are stainless steel, marble and granite, porcelain, and acrylic.
Stainless steel is very easy to clean and can be affordable at all price ranges. It can scratch or ding if objects are dropped on it though. Marble and granite are the top of the line kitchen sinks. They are scratch and stain resistant and look very appealing. Porcelain has a cast iron base. It can look very good cleaned but if you do not keep it cleaned often then it can stain. Also, porcelain sinks are prone to chipping when large objects are dropped on them. Acrylic sinks are like porcelain sinks but with one added benefit, they are very stain resistant.

Kitchen Sink Mounting
Sinks attached flush with your countertop are known as flush mounted. When they are installed above the countertop they are known as top mounted. If they are below the countertop then they are known as under mounted. When choosing the type of mounting take into consideration how convenient it will be to clean and wash dishes as well as how it coordinates with your countertops.

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